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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Delusions of Intellectuals

Why do intellectuals, important establishment (everyone in the arts has deluded themselves that they are not of the establishment, ha ha) artists, go off the deep end for extreme solutions, Fascism or Socialism? Christopher Hitchens, a rather complex man of the Left that supports the Bush and Blair initiatives in the Moslem world, writes a review of Robert Conquest's book:

Times On LineRobert Conquest's realities and delusions Christopher HitchensRobert Conquest THE DRAGONS OF EXPECTATION Reality and delusion in the course of history256pp. Duckworth. £18.0 7156 3426 7

"...he points out that many of those who hailed the atrocities of September 11, 2001, were leaders and spokesmen of the hard-line racist Right in the United States and Europe: nihilistic demagogues who thought that any attack on “globalization” (often itself a euphemism for “Jewish world government”) was better than none. Who has not met a cretinized Leftist spouting similar windy militant trash?"

"...The sheer crudeness and coarseness of Stalinist theory and practice still have the power to stun the mind. So does the amazing gullibility of so many “intellectuals”. In a series of sketches of the credulous, from Simone de Beauvoir to John Kenneth Galbraith, he is careful to make a distinction between those who rather relished the “excesses” of the Soviet “experiment” and those who looked for humane or longer-term excuses...."

To this day, whether Hollywood or Paris Intellectuals, it is always siding against the best interests of freedom and democracy. Back in the 50's it was the Rosenberg's innocence that activated the Stalin apologists. To bad the evidence is overwhelming that these two immigrants sold their souls for a false god. But so it goes for the intellectual class of any age.


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