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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

LuLu finds Moby Dick!

I suppose talent rises to the top. I want to believe that is true. The next literary lions are working away on their tomes, but walk through your Borders and see the same authors published again and again. You say there are new literary works scattered through the store. I suppose so. Poor fools. Their books will disappear in a matter of months. Hopefully the author's old parents bought a copy for their friends. That's embarrassing since the theme of the book is how horrible the author's parents were. Soon you'll be an outcast. Still, if you have written bunches of agents and publishing houses, receiving scant encouragement, that could be a blessing. After all, the publishing houses keep a whopping percentage of the cost of a book that they hid on a Borders back shelf somewhere that some thorough shopper put in their shopping basket.

If you used Lulu, you could publish today, be listed in Amazon for next to nothing, and begin your publicity tour on your dime of course. Here's some of their sales blurbs:

Lulu is FREE, FAST and EASY
No set-up fees. No minimum order. No delay. No catch. Lulu prints and ships each book as it's bought. The buyer pays the cost, not you. Lulu only makes money if you do.
You're in control
You retain all rights to your work. You decide on design and layout. You set the price and royalties. Lulu's not the publisher, you are.
Sell to the world
Lulu lets you sell your work through Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble and on Lulu itself. Lulu handles all transactions, order tracking and shipping.

My God! Say your name is Herman Melville and you're written a tedious book about whaling and maybe the meaning of life. You've been turned down by everyone. Perhaps Lulu is the answer?


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